Bloating: Reducing through Detox Water

By Tony Drake | @coachingbydrake | THE YEAR 2022
  • What Causes Bloat?
  • Hydrating with Detox Water 
  • Tips for Detoxing 

What Causes Bloat?

When doing intermittent fasting, it is important to stay hydrated. But, drinking water to stay hydrated can cause bloating.  In this blog, I will teach you how to make your hydrating more effective.

Let’s first answer this question: “Is a bloated stomach similar to belly fat?” The answer is NO.

Belly fat develops over time and is harder to get rid of. It happens when you are consuming more calories than you are burning off and can be very unhealthy. You may also be prone to gall bladder problems because of belly fat. 

Bloating, on the other hand, happens usually after eating. It is caused by air or gas build up in the digestive tract when undigested food gets broken down or when you swallow air. It expands your stomach widely throughout the day. Foods that have sugars and starches, even though these foods are good for you, may also cause gassiness and bloat. Overeating and eating too fast can also be triggers of bloating. But, worry no more. I’ll teach you a way to get rid of a bloated belly.

Hydrating with Detox Water

Keep hydrated with detox water. It’s like drinking electrolyte water without the sugar, these have zero calories that won’t spike your insulin or break your fast.

Here is the procedure on how you can make detox water:

  1. In one gallon of water, add half teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt. This salt has 84 trace minerals out of the 90 that our body needs daily. 
  2. Add a half teaspoon of baking soda. With the help of this ingredient, you can regulate your body’s pH level and help improve your hormone balance, nutrient absorption, and blood quality — all of which can help your kidney stay healthy.
  3. You can add lemon or apple cider vinegar if you want.
  4. Shake! Shake! Shake! 

How much detox water should you drink in a day? It’s better to drink up the entire gallon of detox water in a day. If you think you can’t finish an entire gallon in a day, you can divide it into 16-ounce bottles and drink it every one hour. 

To make drinking of detox water more enjoyable, you may drink it warm or cold, whichever you like better. This will help with intermittent fasting because it will keep you hydrated the majority of the time when you’re feeling hungry.

Tips during Detoxing 

It may be hard for you at the beginning. But, drinking detox water instead of typical juices is advisable for you. Take this from me, detoxing will eliminate toxins from your body, improve your health, and promote weight loss.

Avoid drinking of alcohol. Abstaining entirely from alcohol is one of the best ways to keep your body’s detoxification system running strong.

Health authorities recommend limiting alcohol intake to one drink per day for women and two for men. If you currently don’t drink, you shouldn’t start for the potential heart benefits associated with light-to-moderate drinking.

Lessen your intake of sugar and processed foods. Excessive junk food consumption is linked to chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes. These conditions can cause harm to organs important to detoxifying, such as your liver and kidneys.

Replacing junk food with healthier choices like fruits and vegetables is also a healthy way to reduce consumption.

Now, you’ve learned about what causes bloating and how to stay hydrated with detox water to reduce bloating. Another thing is that you can make your own detox water at home. Drink detox water accordingly. Drink this and you’ll see your urine color change gradually from yellow to clear. 

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