Losing Weight with Discipline

By Tony Drake | @coachingbydrake | THE YEAR 2022

Trying hard to lose weight but it doesn’t seem effective? See which one you are you guilty of: 

  • You’re not getting enough sleep. If you sleep two to four hours or anything less than six hours you’re not helping your body to lose weight. 
  • You’re breaking your fast and you don’t even know that a splash of milk or cream added to your coffee will break your fast. You don’t want to tell yourself that but it’s most likely happening. If you do it, do it right, and don’t add all that stuff into it. 
  • You’re in a calorie surplus, not a calorie deficit.  The number of calories that you consume is higher than the number of calories you burn. 

If you are guilty of at least one of the things mentioned above, I think I know what seems to be the problem discipline!


Trying to lose weight without discipline would be useless. Even if you hire the best bodybuilder or buy the most high-tech exercise equipment, if you do not have discipline you will not get good results. Losing weight requires both physical and mental discipline. If you’re only focusing on the physical aspects you’re bound to fail.


Losing weight is not that easy especially if you’re just starting out. But I’m telling you, I was once there. If I was able to lose those unwanted weight, it’s likely that you can, too. Motivation and discipline will help you in losing weight. Motivation gives you the desire to do something. Discipline, on the other hand, actually gets you to do it.


Instead of searching the web on how to lose weight in just 7 days, why not start with at least walking? Once you start, continue that momentum and keep on going. While you’re walking listen to something motivational that will keep you going. Do not just plan, get started with something!


Create a habit that will help you lose weight. Avoid processed foods, unhealthy foods, and snacks that would give you fats. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water. And most especially, control your environment. When there is negative peer pressure in your surroundings, it will be difficult for you to lose weight. Add more steps on how to lose weight but don’t just necessarily be productive at all times. Instead, be productive as much as you need.


You don’t have to rush the process. Move forward to give justification for your goal. Start losing weight naturally. Change your mentality and lose weight with discipline. Make losing weight your lifestyle.

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