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Success Stories

Tony introduced me to intermittent fasting. Doing this along with my workouts has been a great combination. I’m eating a lot better because I listen to his advice on what I need to do and how I need to do it. I was weighing in at 229lbs at the time I got started with the fasting and detox water. He has guided me and encouraged me from the start and had me set a goal. My goal was to reach 215lbs by my birthday 5/25 and I succeeded on 5/24. I truly appreciate all his encouragement and guidance during my journey. I was weighing 246lbs since February and now I’m at 185lbs in August. I’ve lost a total of 61lbs. If it wasn’t for Coach Tony helping me with the nutritional part, I would probably be still trying to reach my goal.
Coach Tony is patient and knowledgeable. I told him that I needed to drop muscle so that I could meet the number on the scale for a program that I wanted to get accepted for. I was 5 lbs away from their desired weight maximum, I had never been told that I had to drop weight in the past, I was lost. I contacted Coach Tony right away and asked him, he immediately let me know what had worked for him. I started my fasting journey that same day (52 hrs), stuck to my 8+ hr sleep schedule and 1 gallon water routine, didn't eat after 7pm, stopped lifting weights (cardio only) and stuck to eating healthy fats, fibers and greens (no bread, pasta or rice). I dropped 6 lbs by the following week. I was dedicated and committed from the start because I trusted him and knew that he would guide me through a healthy path. I have not gotten sick, I have been more energized, no more acid reflux or sleeping issues, my skin and mood have also benefited from my new eating lifestyle. I'm down two inches on my clothing, I have gotten all of it taken in. I went from 160 lbs to 145 lbs. I felt and looked good in both scenarios but I had a goal at hand and I conquered it. Thanks Coach Tony.
Cori S.